Tres Vistas Recovery’s Response to COVID-19


Temporary Policies

Here are the steps we have taken in order to mitigate the risk of spread in our community:

  • All Family Visiting will be suspended in the house for the next 3 weeks. If anyone has urgent visiting as in kids  or more urgent matters, we will need the visiting to take place in the courtyard. 
  • All staff are getting temperatures taken at the start of their shift. Anyone with a fever will be asked to go home. 
  • Infection control officers have gone over proper hand washing technique and increased our infection control rounds cleaning to twice per day. This includes door handles, keyboards, phones, and other commonly touched items. 
  • All facility tours have been canceled until further notice. 
  • Our alumni group and all other non-essential gatherings that take place at Tres vistas have been cancelled for the next 3 weeks.  
  • Headrick Medical Center has adopted a medically regulated screening questionnaire and tool for COVID-19. Based on completion of the assessment could determine if we can admit a patient into Tres Vistas Recovery. 
  • We are ceasing all off-site activities that have any risk associated with other people and unknown factors. Other arrangements are being made to keep client’s up to date on their recovery practices. 
  • Out-patients and staff will be asked to stay home with any sicknesses, and anyone traveling will be required to self-quarantine, before coming back to work.
  • Masks have been ordered and will be provided to the staff to wear as personal preference to help keep them and the clients safe as they are going off site and coming back in! 

-Keeping your immune system is important as ever! Continue eating healthy, and taking vitamins! 

-Remember there are a super small amount of confirmed cases in orange county and our exposure risk is very low at this time. 

-Wash your hands or use sanitizer before every meal, taking meds, or touching your face! 

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