Medically Assisted Detox

Addiction Treatment in San Juan Capistrano

The Tres Vistas Medically Assisted Detox program is multidisciplinary in scope and individualized in approach. Tres Vistas Recovery along with it’s detox/residential state license has acquired incidental medical services license. Having this license allows us to utilize different and more invasive medical procedures to help you through detox and make it more comfortable. Each patient receives full medical evaluation, blood work and if need Electrocardiogram (EKG) prior to admission. We test and treat for Hep- C at our facility so that you can get continue your healing in more ways than one.

Benefits of Detoxing with Tres Vistas Recovery:

Full medical evaluation
EKG testing
24 hour care
Medically Assisted Detox
Hep C Testing ​

The treatment team at Tres Vistas Recovery includes physicians, nurses, certified alcohol and substance abuse counselors, licensed therapist and activities specialists. All have a thorough understanding of addictive disease; many have been touched in personal ways, providing a special empathy.

We know that treating the disease of chemical dependency and alcoholism requires physical, mental and spiritual rehabilitation, with the goal of restoring addicted persons to a meaningful, productive way of life.

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