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Post-Treatment Monitoring



While no program can guarantee sobriety and recovery, monitoring can offer additional structure that many people find extremely helpful. Often times it can also “intervene on” the relapse process before it progresses to substance abuse again. Tres Vista’s monitoring services also help ensure compliance with continuing care recommendations.

On-Going Support

Monitoring allows you to have added safeguards in your recovery while alleviating the pressure that your family and loved ones may feel in terms of trying to manage your recovery and ensuring your continued sobriety.

Monitoring contracts include all recommendations made by your previous treatment provider, as well as suggestions from you, your family and other involved sources as authorized by you (for example, your lawyer).

Tres Vista’s Post-Treatment Monitoring Program includes the following services:

  • Random Drug Screening—Participants call into an automated system to see if they are randomly selected for a drug screening. Testing facilities and supplies are already pre-arranged. Our drug screens are among the most sophisticated tests available, and any positive results are reviewed by our Medical Review Officer to verify the results.

Positive drug screens and non-compliance with the monitoring contract are reported to those involved in your recovery (provided there is written permission for contact).

  • 12-Step Program Meetings—Participants are required to verify all 12-Step Program Meetings, attend the required number of meetings per week, and turn in verification documentation to the Monitoring Coordinator.
  • Sponsorship Verification—Participants are required to have their AA/NA sponsor verify work completed in the program.
  • Aftercare Attendance and other Counseling Services—Participants are asked to give written permission for the Monitoring Coordinator to communicate with aftercare providers and therapists/counselors. Participants must document compliance with all counseling recommendations.
  • Periodic Telephone or Face-to-Face Contact—With the Monitoring Coordinator at Tres Vistas Recovery.