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Five Steps To Avoiding Drug Cravings: Put These To Use Now!

Jan 11 2020 tresadmin Recovery

Everyone who has indulged in any addictive activity knows how terribly difficult it is to resist the urge to do them again. These cravings are utterly normal, and they pass away too. During the periods of recovery, these cravings reach their peak intensity. However, we must understand that with time the strength and frequency of these cravings will fade out. 

So, let us look at some of the ways that will help you curb down your cravings gradually to attain complete sobriety.

1. Start Exercising

Exercising has proven mental benefits. Mainly it serves as a great distraction, and your body has already utilized all its vital energy, leaving you with intense tiredness and relief. Including exercise in your daily routine will work wonders helping you drift away from your cravings gradually. 

It is seen that exercise can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression considerably. For people who are going throw a withdrawal phase, exercising can have a great impact on your body, reducing your cravings and increasing your ability to resist and cope with them. 

2. Go for a walk

Walking has been at the top of the list of all the doctors. It is one of the most therapeutic activities that involve the complete participation of your body and mind. Walking has manifold benefits. It can have physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual effects on you. 

Getting outside and walking out without any purpose can have a meditative effect on you, serving as a healthy distraction. When this becomes a part of your routine, you can easily reduce your cravings and develop a strong resistance towards them. Moreover, it will calm down your mind and help you relax. When practiced for a prolonged period, your body will get used to the natural way of relaxation, and you will stop relying on the artificial external stimulants. 

3. Talk about it 

A simple act of talking and confiding with your loved ones can do wonders. Doctors recommend talking about how you feel when you get intense spells of cravings. This leaves them with a warm feeling of being in control. Good support of a close companion has quite understated benefits. A simple act of being listened can help you elevate your withdrawal.  

If you don’t have anyone you can confide on, you can join various support groups and treatment centers where people gather and discuss how they feel. This way, you will understand there are plenty of people going through the same thing.

This will help you feel comfortable, confident, and develop an unbelievable strength to resist your urges.

And if you are not looking for professional help, then you can easily find a crisis line in your area. These people are specifically trained to listen. More than anything, it gives you a human contact. Sometimes talking to a stranger can help you as well. 

It is essential to talk to someone who has the capacity to understand you and to comfort you. So, even self-help groups can be of great help. These groups can be mighty helpful, although at times they can be quite triggering too. You can check and go if it’s a group you are well-versed with, and you are confident it will give you a good space. 

4. Indulge in bath meditation

Not many people are aware of the wonderful effects of a warm bath. It certainly can be one of the most relaxing acts you can do in your house. People going through withdrawal are suggested a good warm bath as a healthy alternative. This is because it has soothing and calming effects on your muscles, giving you a high level of relaxation. 

You can try adding Epsom salt to your water as it can make your bath extra soothing. This is a healthy alternative to avoid falling prey to your cravings. 

Bath meditation is a combination of traditional meditation and the benefits of spa-relaxation. A hot bath will soothe your tired muscles, and the calming atmosphere it provides will give you a momentary escape from stressful feelings. This habit can be easily followed on a nightly basis.

This is a superb technique if you are looking to curb your addictive urges as it fills your body and mind with relief and relaxation. When practiced on a routine basis, you will stop looking for external stimulants to reach that level of relaxation.

5. Meditate

Meditation is a form of exercise that can be traced back to the ancient Indian tradition. The sages who have designed these breathing and simple physical exercises have an extensive and profound understanding of the human body. 

With the help of simple breathing exercises, you can really calm down your aggregating mind. And when practiced for a longer time, you will find that your body has increased its resistance towards addictive substances. 

This will happen when you practice meditation every day. By doing the extensive breathing exercise, you begin to focus on your breath, thereby becoming more self-aware and relaxed. 

This can be highly instrumental in helping you curb your addictive impulses and become resilient and willful.