Family Information


Family and friends are welcome to visit Sundays from 12 – 2:00PM. We encourage that
there be no visitors on the first Sunday after the patient’s arrival unless authorized by
Doctor or Therapist.

Phone Usage:

Tres Vistas has an on-site house phone that patients are welcome to use, and families are
welcome to call before 9:00 AM, between 12:30 – 1:30pm, and after 5:00pm. The house
number is 949-218- 4978

Cell phone usage is permitted by the patients after they have completed detox level of care
during the same hours as above. If the cell phone becomes a distraction it may be taken
due to inhibiting treatment progress.

Therapeutic Contact:

Please allow 5-7 business days for your loved ones clinical team to reach out to you. Tres
Vistas cares about family therapy and involvement, but they need time to establish report
with you family member and develop their treatment plan. In the mean time you should be
able to receive updates from the staff on site or the Program Director.


It is encouraged that you give your family member positive feedback and support during
this transition of their care. This may involve phone calls, visiting and possibly going on
approved therapeutic outings. Outings are a privilege and can only continue if family abides
by the rules i.e.; getting them back on time and not letting them leave their presence on the

Not Encouraged:

This is a rough time for the whole family, that being said, it is important to not use your
communication time to bring up faults or bad memories. As the treatment team works with
your family member they will find the time to work on bad behaviors as they come up.