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Wolf Therapy


Wolf therapy is “adventure therapy” for living a life in recovery.

The relationship between human and wolf is a primal bond that dates back thousands of years. At some point along the line it has been encoded in our DNA to nurture and depend on such relationships. The program utilizes this predisposition for connection to expedite the process of building genuine relationships. The wolf ambassadors are calm, playful and most often shy. Clients receive an opportunity to experience wolves as they are instead of just holding up a skewed perception based on our wolf-therapy-drug-treatment-tres-vistas-treatment-cultural bias. Through the program of wolf therapy, clients are learning to embrace beings as individuals. By challenging their assimilated perceptions of wolves, clients can more easily discard preconceived notions surrounding substance use disorder. Clients can begin to see how overcoming a substance use disorder can be a valuable part of the journey to better understanding themselves. Just as the interaction with the wolves allowed clients to dispel some of the preconceived notions they have had surrounding wolves, they realize it is their job to provide those interactions to people to help dispel negative stigmas surrounding substance use disorder. Ultimately, clients can come to the realization that it is their job to carry the message of recovery into their communities by being living examples of sobriety.

What exactly is Wolf Education?

 The Wolf Therapy Program is designed to facilitate and nurture genuine connection in our participants. During groups, participants will discuss the negative stigmas surrounding wolves, as well as, addicts and alcoholics. Through the wolf experience, participants have the opportunity to better understand the true nature of wolves and help foster new ideals about living-life-in-recovery-tres-vistasthemselves, as addicts and alcoholics, and bring that into their community. The program is administered by .

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