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Therapists at Tres Vistas Recovery are all certified with their Masters. We don’t compromise when it comes to the treatment options for addiction we offer and that means most patients leave with outstanding results.

We employ the most dedicated and respected in the field of addiction recovery. They are members of the proven team providing tailored treatments to suit each individual’s addiction rehabilitation needs. We have a complete staff ready to help you get back on track to a full and enjoyable life.

Tres Vistas Recovery moves our patients to the final component in healing which we believe is getting reconnected to the source of all—love. This encompasses love of self, love of neighbor, love of God, and love of Life. This ability to love is the final healing—the permanent solution.

Fear is the obstacle—the basic problem in all of life and the source of many diseases. The only thing that can overcome fear is love. There is no fear in love. The staff at Tres Vistas must spend time with the daily discipline of conquering fear and replacing it with joy and love. This love-empathy emanates to our patients and is responsible for the majority of the healing that happens at Tres Vistas Recovery. It is all part of a continuous, growing experience, which none of us have completed, but provides for us an amazing, daily mission.