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Choosing a recovery treatment center and program is a vitally important decision. Whether you’re researching options for yourself, a loved one or a client, this can essentially be a “life or death” decision.

There are many reasons to choose Tres Vistas Drug and Alcohol Treatment in San Juan Capistrano, including our:

  • Respectful approach – Hands-on care in a compassionate environment designed to encourage a healthy engagement to life in all areas. Tres Vistas creates a very safe environment where you can open up to your core issues, and then begin actually healing from them.
  • Intimate setting – At Tres Vistas Recovery you will not get lost in the crowd. We keep our groups small so that you get the attention and help you need. The Residential Treatment Program, for example, only accommodates six clients at a time.
  • Individualized program – In all of our programs—detox, residential, outpatient, extended care and sober living—treatment is highly individualized and based on the client’s specific needs.
  • Individual attention – In many treatment centers, there is a disturbing trend toward “efficient and economical” group counseling sessions. At these centers, patients that require individual therapy are bounced around among young therapists in a “treatment group.” This is not the case at Tres Vistas Recovery. At Tres Vistas, clients receive three one-on-one counseling sessions each week – all with the same, highly-qualified counselor.
  • Highly qualified counselors – All of our counselors are either licensed professionals or highly trained in the Tres Vista Methodology.
  • Pre-admission assessments – Full medical and psychological assessments provided by MDs, to help ensure that your recovery program addresses all of your needs.
  • Holistic program – Recovery at Tres Vistas goes beyond physical rehabilitation, with programs and services to provide emotional, social and spiritual healing in a nurturing environment.
  • Upscale experience – Private and semi-private rooms in a beautiful, resort-like atmosphere. Healthy, gourmet meals cooked by our in-house chef. Massage, acupuncture, yoga, art, music, hiking, outings, and more. Tres Vistas Recovery provides concierge services to all clients.

In addition, if you have legal issues, we can help. Tres Vistas Recovery in San Juan Capistrano offers court liaison services to help you avoid incarceration. Free assessments are available by appointment.

Choose Tres Vistas Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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