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Because The Family is affected, too

At our San Juan Capistrano Rehab center, we understand that addiction is a family disease not only does the addict or alcoholic suffer as a result of the predictable pattern of use and abuse; but so too do the loved ones who struggle to make sense of the world they find themselves entangled in. 

Whether the addict or alcoholic finds their way to help or not, the journey as a loved one is a painful experience and often one with more questions than answers at why the addict or alcoholic struggles to stay sober.

Family Inclusion and Therapy

TVR offers a phone call from the clinician within the first 7 days of arrival into treatment for family members that the patient wishes to have included. We also provide daily updates from either the program director or case manager. In a standard 30 day program Tres Vistas offers 2 family sessions. In the first family session the therapist will go over education and understanding about the disease that your loved one is going through. In the second session this will be a time where each family member can express their expectations for the next steps and transition. It’s important to remember that these family sessions are not couples therapy sessions. TVR highly recommends spouses to obtain their own therapist and support through al-anon meetings during this process.

Family Visiting

Every Sunday we have family visiting from 12:00pm – 2:00pm for approved persons only. Often the first week of visiting is denied due to stabilizing the patient. We ask that our family and friends follow specific rules for visiting as you can read on our family information page!

Family Day

When the numbers add up with enough family in the area, TVR will host a family day! From 9:00am -3:30pm where we will have interactive groups for the family alone, and then along with the patient as well.

Weekly thursday night meetings

With our family recovery specialist Ottis Johnson from 6pm-8pm. This is a meeting where only the family members get togeter and discuss the issues and dilemmas they are facing. We are here to support not just the patient but the family.

Ottis Johnson, CADC- CAS

Family Recovery Specialist

“I have been working in the field of recovery for over thirty-eight years. I have personally been clean and sober for over forty years which gives me some unique insights into helping people transition from addiction into long term recovery. The one thing that I have become acutely aware of is that addiction is not an individual disease but rather a family disease.   Helping the addict seeing him or her self as being part of family that needs to be healed and what part they play in the healing process. Involving the entire family in the recovery process offers the best possible outcomes.  I have successfully created the Otis Loves You Family Recovery Program, workshops and groups that create on-going support systems for the recovering addicts and their families.”

Family Support for Drug Addiction & Alcoholism Treatment

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