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Making the tough decision to check into an addiction treatment center for alcohol treatment should be considered more than just an attempt at a temporary solution. All of us here at Tres Vistas in San Juan Capistrano, California, go to great lengths, ensuring our treatment programs are appropriately conducted by our health care professionals. 

By having obtained the appropriate certifications in Southern California by the Joint Commission, our evidence-based, individualized treatment methods have proven to be of high quality and suitable for anyone throughout the United States.

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Fundamental Aspects of Alcohol Rehab

Substance abuse treatment programs designed to treat drug addictions, as well as and other behavioral health complications, are dedicated to the crucial life-saving process. Alcohol rehab advises explicitly to individuals on how to overcome the physical, psychological, and all other mental health troubles caused by the addiction.
During the alcohol rehab process at Tres Vistas in beautiful Orange County, patients will typically experience four different phases throughout their recovery process.
  1. Assessment and establishing treatment plans
  2. Detox program to eliminate the alcohol from the body
  3. Various support outlets through constructive counseling and therapy
  4. Obtaining long term sobriety through providing aftercare programs

Alcohol addiction is a harmful and life-threatening addiction that is extremely challenging to recover from fully. Long-term addiction to alcohol without receiving proper treatment can reduce a person’s remaining lifespan by an estimated thirty years. Any given year in the United States alone, there are approximately fifteen million people who are suffering from an alcohol use disorder. Unfortunately, various reports show that just eight percent or less of those individuals seek treatment for their condition.

Common Signs That Alcohol Rehab Treatment Is Needed

Individuals who are consumed by an alcohol use disorder will likely deny any accusation that is made that points to the need for addiction treatment. They also will probably never admit to any dependence they may have on alcohol. There are, however, some signs and red flags that will help to identify alcohol dependence. Some of the common symptoms that are seen include:

  • Frequently blacking out and falling, resulting in bruising on the body
  • Lack of personal hygiene maintenance
  • Increased depression and anxiety
  • Never seem to be getting enough sleep
  • Personal and work relationships beginning to suffer
  • Frequently seen or found intoxicated or looking for drinks
  • Lack of attention to financial obligations and other responsibilities
  • Ignoring hobbies and activities that were enjoyed in the past

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How To Choose An Alcohol Rehab Program

Specific preferences of comfort and care typically differ from one person to another. Tres Vistas Recovery in San Juan Capistrano also takes into account all of the patient’s health concerns and past medical history. All this information is gathered during the initial evaluation and assessment that is conducted during the intake process on day one.

The quality standard and cost are usually among the more important priorities when searching for a suitable addiction treatment center that is capable of providing all of the necessary treatment options. Finding an affordable program that is fully licensed and within the laws of addiction treatment is genuinely the ideal scenario. Some examples of questions that our patients have often asked themselves include:

  • What is an example of a standard treatment plan?
  • What insurance options available?
  • Is the facility licensed, and how was the staff trained?
  • Are there therapy options to go along with addiction treatment?
  • What follow-up programs put in place after treatment has concluded?
  • What are all the available treatment options?
  • Are any medications used during any part of the treatment process?

What Is Inpatient Alcohol Rehab?

Inpatient rehab programs for treating alcohol addiction at our San Juan Capistrano treatment facility is the perfect decision for those individuals who want all their focus and effort entirely geared towards recovery. This may be challenging for many people because of the levels of stress associated with school, work, social obligations, or other typical life responsibilities that are associated with so many people’s lives.

  • Patients reside in their own private or semi-private room
  • Round-the-clock care is provided
  • All treatments closely monitored by addiction specialists and other medical professionals

Being admitted to an inpatient alcohol addiction program allows the patient to become completely submerged in the process of recovery. These programs are often the best choice for those people who have already tried other treatments that were unfortunately unsuccessful.

How Long Does Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Last?

Inpatient treatment programs typically last from thirty days to well over six months, obviously depending on many factors surrounding the individual.

What Types Of Therapy Are Offered?

Treatments at our luxurious facility in Southern California include the options of behavioral therapies for our patients, with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) being the most popular.

These therapy sessions include guidance and encouragement for the individuals in treatment to change aspects of their life to be more in tune with healthier habits. The ways people react to stress can be either helpful or extremely damaging.

Our counselors and therapists are specially trained in promoting the development of new skills and other healthy ways of coping with the tough situations that every patient is sure to experience throughout their lives following the conclusion of treatment.

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