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About Tres Vistas

Over his 35 years of experience as a physician, Dr. Daniel Headrick learned that healing comes from our heart—a mixture of practical medicine combined with compassion. Dr. Dan has had the privilege to watch many people meet adversity, such as illness, organ failure, and even death to come to believe that the human potential is virtually unlimited. These experiences made it clear to him that for every individual, vast, untapped and largely unused reserves of health, life, love and joy are available when recovery begins. Tres Vistas Recovery grew out of Dr. Dan’s desire to inspire people to tap into these resources  within themselves and begin to live a life of recovery and freedom from drugs and alcohol.

Tres Vistas Recovery Staff

There is Always a Opportunity for Recovery to Begin

Regardless of how insurmountable the obstacles may seem or how unanswerable the problems may be, within every situation there is always a ray of light. Even when things seem dark or hopeless, there is always a way to move forward, and a source of help from which we can become stronger. At Tres Vistas Recovery we believe in miracles. Every healing has elements of the miraculous in it.


Tres Vistas is the place where people…


  • Turn from doubt to faith
  • Move from despair to hope
  • Choose to action instead of resignation
  • Practice forgiveness instead of condemnation

Healing power is always present.




Tres Vistas means “three views” in English. Our general approach on the Tres Vistas healing team is just that, three views: physical, psychological and spiritual.

By addressing all three, we help you learn to live life on life’s terms.

Your Physical Health

The first step is a medical exam to assess your physical health. After all, your body and brain’s biochemical balance will have a big impact on your treatment’s effectiveness. If things are out of balance, the “prescription” can include anything from basic nutrition to advanced intravenous infusion therapy.

Your Psychological Health

Your psychological survey will help identify certain pathologic personality traits that need attention. If you’re like many of our patients, you’ve spent your life hiding from unwanted emotional experiences. The psychological evaluation can help uncover these underlying issues, and provide creative solutions to help you move forward in ways you never could have imagined. In fact, by getting the help you need to confront the emotional experiences you’ve been hiding from, you may be able to experience true “freedom” for the first time in your life.

Your Spiritual Health

To address your spiritual health you’ll learn relaxation techniques and mindfulness, participate in horticultural Treatment Philosophy at Tres Vistas Recovery in Orange Countytherapy (which is a physical exercise and a strong part of the daily schedule), and live in a beautiful, serene setting. The Tres Vistas program includes a wide variety of expressive activities, including dancing, art, music, journaling and more, to help you experience powerful self-discovery as you begin to tap into your own creative center.

From the spiritual viewpoint, a successful patient must have faith in something greater than herself or himself. It is essential that you come away from your time at Tres Vistas with a new way of looking at yourself, a new self-image, and a new sense of relationship to the Creator and to life itself. Tres Vistas is a 12-step based program that is open to all forms of spiritual growth.


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a healthy and safe environment for individuals and their families. Tres Vistas Recovery is here to offer a genuine love and the highest quality of care to those in need of it. We strive to assist individuals to find their passion and connection in life, along with a new sense of purpose. We extend this guidance through programs and services created to attend to the physical, psychological and spiritual pieces of each person.


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