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Family Support Services




Addiction is a family disease – not only does the addict or alcoholic suffer as a result of the predictable pattern of use and abuse; but so too do the loved ones who struggle to make sense of the world they find themselves entangled in.
Whether the addict or alcoholic finds their way to help or not, the journey as a loved one is a painful experience and often one with more questions than answers at why the addict or alcoholic struggles to stay sober.


Why don’t they just stop?

Why can’t they just see what they are doing to themselves?

Why can’t they see what they are doing to us?

Do they even care?

These are fair and valid questions that the caring team here at Tres Vistas helps you understand the answers to as you learn about the disease of addiction and heal with your loved one through the Family Program here at our treatment center.

  • Family Therapy – Tres Vistas offers private family sessions with a Therapist and your loved one. Healing one family at a time, as a family disease, Tres Vistas encourages family involvement in the recovery of the individual suffering from addiction.
  • Family Weekly Visitations – Sunday afternoons our clients may have family visit our facility.
  • Family Weekend –  Several times a year, Tres Vistas has a weekend for clients and their families to engage in support therapy groups, recovery exercises and speakers etc.  The weekend is focused on healing family conflicts and beginning the communication surrounding the family living life in recovery.  This is a chance for families to be engaged in the recovery process along with their loved one and provide and receive support from other families in the same situation.


Family Support for Drug Addiction & Alcoholism Treatment


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