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Tres Vistas Recovery offers the following substance abuse and addiction treatments:


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A Broad Array of Therapeutic Modalities

All treatment programs are tailored to meet the needs of each individual, with a plethora of effective therapeutic modalities available to stimulate your mind and spirit and aid your recovery process. These include gestalt, art therapy, yoga, massage, acupuncture, meditation, writing, relapse prevention, horticultural therapy and many more. Recreational activities are also offered as an integral part of the program.

Individualized Treatment

Like every individual, each addiction is unique. A dedicated therapist and team of top clinicians will take the time to understand your unique circumstances and needs. Afterwards, an integrated recovery plan will be developed specifically for you by your case manager.

  • Medically-supervised detoxification – Before your rehabilitation can begin, you must cleanse your body so that you can begin to heal your body, mind and spirit. This is why the first step is generally a medically-supervised detoxification.Tres Vistas’ LVN will stay with you each day during the detox process. You will be continuously monitored for your safety and comfort, and steps (including, if appropriate, the use of NAD) will be taken to reduce your withdrawal symptoms.
  • Rehabilitation and recovery – After detoxification, the therapeutic work of rehabilitation and recovery begins. Individual and small group counseling sessions will help you unlock the deeply hidden causes of your addictions and help you address any psychological disorders.You will attend 12-Step Recovery group meetings, participate in various physical activities that will help make the body strong again, take part in various creative activities to engage your inner self, and learn coping mechanisms to help you survive stressors unencumbered and free of self-medicating.
  • Transition and aftercare Treatment continues with transition and aftercare, which are as important to the recovery process as the rehabilitation experience itself. Your Tres Vistas Recovery team will be here to support and guide you every step of the way to recovery, providing the most advanced and integrated treatment options.


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