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Tres Vistas Recovery offers the following substance abuse and addiction treatment:

  • What is NAD IV THERAPY?

NAD is a co-enzyme that is found in all living things, it is essential to living, and that is what we are using in the IV therapy at Tres Vistas Recovery. NAD goes into the brain and bathes the brain in nutrients. This has been studied and medically proven to help with detox and withdrawal for drugs and alcohol.



  • How will NAD IV THERAPY help my detox?

This is a natural way to get off of a substance without having debilitating withdrawal symptoms and without getting addicted to another drug. Its results are that it cuts down the withdrawal symptoms by 50% or more, it reduces and MOSTLY eliminates all cravings for the drug by the end of the treatment, It restores the brain to normal functioning in weeks rather than months to years! Patients report having mental clarity, reduced anxiety, reduced depression, even cholesterol is reduced! Also the number of days you actually have detox symptoms is reduced.


  • How long is the Treatment?

The treatment differs for every patient upon an assessment that the Doctor and nurse will do. It all depends on what you are taking, for how long, and how much. To be safe, we say that it takes 2 weeks of  IV therapy every day with some clients finishing in 10 days.

  • How long does the IV stay in?

On the first and second day of treatment you will receive the NAD IV THERAPY and it can take up to 10 – 12 hours because we are giving you the largest dose of the NAD. You will also receive other medication depending on your symptoms. On the 3rd day the patient will start receiving half the large dose and the treatment will only take 6-8 hours. And as the days pass you will tolerate the drip better and it will go by faster! By the end of the treatment you should only be taking about 4-5 hours to finish.

  • How does it work?

What is NAD IV THERAPY?NAD feeds energy to the mitochrondria (which is in every cell of your body)  by bathing the brain with this co-enzyme. It helps block the distressed reaction that you get from stopping the chemical you were taking, by covering it with NAD. It gives your body 100% functioning capability to get this bad chemical out of your body. Therefore your detox is even shorter. It eliminates the cravings to use because you are full of NAD in your brain where it would normally crave the substance.

  • What can we do while we are there?

Each patient will receive their own personalized therapy room with an extremely comfortable recliner, a lap top table to bring their lap top, tablets, music player, or whatever they would like to keep them entertained. There is a phone in each room; also they can relax in our common area, which has a flat screen TV, 2 comfortable couches with Netflix, cable, and movies. When they return to the house they will have the option to take part of any of the activities there. Also if they sign up for any of our other services like counseling they will be able to utilize that during treatment.

  • What to bring?

Any and all lab work or medical tests done in the last 6 months bring ID & insurance card, Payment for treatment, Laptop, tablet, mp3 player, cell phone, anything that will keep them entertained or busy, maybe even stuff from work. Bring clothes and toiletries enough for 2 weeks, and even more if you’re coming for IOP after. Bring all current prescription medications. If you are not staying in the residential house it is best to bring a family member or close friend to stay in the hotel with you so that you have someone to monitor you when you are not receiving the treatment.

  • How to be prepared for treatment?

Please do not come to your first day of treatment in withdrawal, take your last dose the morning of or the evening prior to the treatment, because if you don’t it will make it much more difficult to get on top of the detox, and stop it from progressing rapidly.

  • Where can I learn more?

You can read about testimonials and success patients stories from the Springfield wellness clinic website, they have been doing this for 7 years and we are NAD IV Therapy certified through them directly! We are using the exact same treatment. You can read their testimonials at . We are directly certified through these specialists who have been doing the treatment for over 8 years running; they have all the success stories and testimonials on their website as well.

  • Will My Insurance Company be notified?

Not if you don’t want them to be, this payment is paid out of pocket; it is your decision if you would like notify insurance to get any type of reimbursement back.

  • Why Is NAD IV THERAPY different/better than Regular detox?

NAD IV THERAPY is different because it uses a safe natural co-enzyme fixes chemical imbalances, addiction cravings, and deficient receptors. It is a non addictive substance in which no addictive substances are needed to keep the patient in a non-debilitating withdrawal. So basically they will have no replacement of any sort except for natural co enzyme and amino acids to keep them from having severe withdrawal symptoms, no cravings by the end of treatment, and they will leave after 10 – 14 days with mental clarity, a new lease on life, and the option to choose the rest of their life. This is a holistic approach to helping addiction that leaves you sober, mentally clear, and free of cravings, off of all addictive meds, and healthier in your mind body and soul.

  • What about multiple addictions?

Based on accurately done trials and patient questionnaires NAD IV THERAPY can simultaneously detox multiple addictions with great success.

  • Do WE accept insurance?

We are not Medicare/ Medicaid approved for the NAD IV THERAPY portion, some insurance companies may provide coverage but you will have to contact your insurance to find out what they cover and how they will reimburse you for the treatment you have done here.

  • Is NAD Treatment Safe?

Yes, it is safe. NAD is already in every cell of your body. We have licensed staff here watching over you during your treatment, and even when you go to the house a CPR certified house manager on duty at all times, there are no bad side effects to this treatment that can harm you, and it’s all natural. You will have MD visits, and prescribed medication for all of your health care needs.



Read more about NAD Therapy from the Scientific American Journal. Click Here!

Scientific American NAD Therapy Journal Article

Since 40%-60% of all (conventional) (inpatient, outpatient, hospital) rehab patients relapse according to the NIH’s National Institute on Drug Abuse, it is important to provide all possible solutions to have the patient be ready to receive treatment.
NAD helps the body to repair the brain. This is particularly important considering that long-term drug use results in changes in the brain that persist long after a person stops using drugs. These drug-induced changes in brain function include an inability to exert control over the impulse to use drugs.
Substance disorders can be treated most cost-effectively in outpatient drug-free settings. Headrick Medical Center coordinates with IOP’s and out-of-town clients to receive NAD Treatment.

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