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Our Story


The Tres Vistas Story

Over his 35 years of experience as a physician, Dr. Daniel Headrick learned that healing comes from our heart—a mixture of practical medicine combined with compassion. Dr. Dan has had the privilege to watch many people meet adversity, such as illness, organ failure, and even death to come to believe that the human potential is virtually unlimited. These experiences made it clear to him that for every individual, vast, untapped and largely unused reserves of health, life, love and joy are available when recovery begins. Tres Vistas Recovery grew out of Dr. Dan’s desire to inspire people to tap into these resources  within themselves and begin to live a life of recovery and freedom from drugs and alcohol.

Tres Vistas Recovery- Drug and Alcohol Treatment in San Juan Capistrano

There is Always a Opportunity for Recovery to Begin

Regardless of how insurmountable the obstacles may seem or how unanswerable the problems may be, within every situation there is always a ray of light. Even when things seem dark or hopeless, there is always a way to move forward, and a source of help from which we can become stronger. At Tres Vistas Recovery we believe in miracles. Every healing has elements of the miraculous in it.

Tres Vistas is the place where people…

  • Turn from doubt to faith
  • Move from despair to hope
  • Choose to action instead of resignation
  • Practice forgiveness instead of condemnation

Healing power is always present.

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