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Who We Treat

Who We Treat – Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Orange County

Tres Vistas Recovery treats adult men and women suffering from drug or alcohol addiction who are seeking personalized, hands-on care in an intimate, compassionate environment.

We specialize in treating those dealing with chronic pain, have suffered trauma, and professionals looking to be treated in an intimate environment.

Tres Vistas Recovery. Who we TreatWhen you choose Tres Vistas you are choosing more than “just” an addiction treatment center. Tres Vistas Recovery provides a whole person approach to recovery treating the individual via a biopsychosocial approach. From the beginning of treatment, continuing care, and long term aftercare for medical, emotional and social care and support, Tres Vistas Recovery is a program that treats addiction as the disease it is, with the compassion, care, and support the individual needs to heal in an environment designed for recovery.



What is Drug Rehab?